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    Innovative business ideas are often characterized by the fact that there is still no appropriate software for it. But you could be the first one on the market to change this - with software that we customize exactly according to your specifications.


Software development for your internet project based on Symfony

Play safe when investing in your own software project:

  • You want a solution which leaves you independent after implementation.
  • You want a software developer company which understands your requirements and knows how to implement them.

You find both with us.


Independence means security of investment

Our team of software developers has long-standing experience with the Symfony framework, which is used as a basis for nearly all our projects. In this way, apart from a high code quality, we are able to offer also test driven development. The access to our git version control system provides you with detailed insight into the code written.

Open source development and the use of an open framework such as Symfony allows you to further develop the software with your own specialists or third-party companies, if wished for. That's our philosophy of a partner-like and long-term cooperation with our customers.


Experience means security of investment

The combination of our experience since the year 2000, our knowledge of more than 10,000 hours of project work and the use of the latest web technologies guarantees an always up to date implementation of your project ideas.

Comprehensive B2C, B2B and individual marketplace solutions in the sectors of e-commerce, content management, digitial warehouse systems, community and other online portals are only a small selection of the ESONO AG's reference portfolio.


Operation of your project

We not just implement your project, but we also offer to run it on a managed hosting package of the ESONO AG. In this way, you get everything you need to realize your project idea from a single source.




You are not sure whether your project is too small or too big for us?
The project budgets we usually manage range between 10,000 € and 250,000 €.

You are not sure whether we cover what you need?
Just contact us!



Why software development with Symfony? Key Facts:

  •  Symfony is one of the leading development frameworks worldwide.
  •  Its structure ensures a continuous high code quality and testability.
  •  The existence of thousands of certification bodies and a globally growing developer community guarantee absolute investment security for projects implemented on the basis of with Symfony.

symfony php framework

More informationen on Symfony: http://symfony.com/


Technologies in use for your success

  • bootstrap grey bootstrap
  • ubuntu greyscale ubuntu
  • symfony grey symfony
  • twig grey twig
  • redmine grey redmine
  • composer grey composer
  • git grey git
  • less grey less
  • phpstorm grey phpstorm
  • aws grey aws