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    ElasticSearch is one of the most powerful open source search systems worldwide. We integrate this search engine into your internet presence. Whether shop system or extensive content library: If the search is to be improved, we are your first contact.


Excellent search results with ElasticSearch

better conversion for your shop

Fast, very good results - that's what customers of Google and Co. are used to. This is exactly what visitors expect from you.

No matter if online or offline: Prospective customers with concrete conceptions search and buy with high probability: But only if they find what they are looking for.

ElasticSearch helps you and your site visitors exactly at this crucial point: Where standard search solutions of the different shop systems deliver only mediocre results, an onsite search engine tailored to your products like ElasticSearch leads to significantly better search results and thus to higher customer satisfaction and significantly better conversion rate.

As one of the first service providers in Germany we have been using this license-free open source solution based on the renowned Apache Lucene project for years.

ElasticSearch is one of the most powerful and high-performance search engines in the world, which can find, aggregate, analyze and display results from millions of products, pages, documents or other data sources within milliseconds.

The system is not only extremely fast, but can also be simply scaled and configured for high availability. Added is the ability to implement utosuggest searches, Fault tolerance, Word stems or search term-Synonyms with ElasticSearch.


Example of synonym search results
Example of typo search results



Together with our long-standing customer Schafferer & Co KG, we have connected ElasticSearch to the B2B e-commerce platform and the company's internal PIM system, making it possible to search and select dynamically generated filters quickly and easily.

Reference: https://www.schafferer.de/gastro/ 

Result: By using ElasticSearch in B2C and B2B projects in the areas of product and content search, the turnover and customer satisfaction could be measurably increased.


The fields of application of ElasticSearch go far beyond the field of product search

As a document-oriented database, ElasticSearch can contain various forms of schemalless data and provide results immediately upon request. Thus ElasticSearch is also used in critical Business Intelligence applications, where complex connections between large data pools must be created and visualized in real time.

How to answer business-critical questions within seconds like: Which products are selling particularly well? Which product groups guarantee me the highest margin? Do sales in certain product groups depend more on the weather than others? Where are which products particularly good? Or also: Does the setting of the office temperature correspond to the average coffee consumption of the employees? If you enter the corresponding data, ElasticSearch can give you the answer.


What we offer

  • Presentation of the performance of ElasticSearch
  • Workshop to analyze your existing systems
  • Integration of ElasticSearch into existing shop systems
  • Integration of ElasticSearch-based business intelligence systems with visualization front-ends




Key Facts

Why ElasticSearch?

  •  ElasticSearch is available as OpenSource-Edition and is free of licensing fees - you only pay for the implementation.
  •  We also integrate ElasticSearch into existing third-party systems - contact us!
  •  Improve the search on your site to achieve more revenue and better conversion.
  •  ElasticSearch is not limited to product searches - it is the perfect solution for various data evaluations.

Further questions about ElasticSearch?

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