• Customer Service 4.0: happy customers and less support

    "Digitization" and "Industry 4.0" - fuzzy terms which can mean nothing or everything. We will be very specific here and help to relieve your customer service: through professional self-service portals in the B2B and B2C area.


Self-service portals: Customer inquiries under control - reduce telephone support

Basically every company must have a competent support team in the B2B and B2C area available in order to adequately serve customer requests.

Then information is transmitted to the customer, which is already available in electronic form anyway - but not in systems, to which one can, wants or may connect the own customers. In addition, this information is usually widely distributed in heterogeneous systems after IT infrastructures have naturally grown over years or even decades.

However, a self-service portal for customers is the optimal solution: 24/7 availability, low operating costs, happy customers.

An off-the-shelf software solution is not an option, because:

  • The portal must be connected to the infrastructure mentioned above - i.e. interfaces to numerous, possibly outdated systems must be created.
  • Data of different source systems must be logically linked with each other and displayed in a form that customers can understand.
  • The system requirements of your customers depend completely on your business processes - so they are highly individual

In this area we have many years of experience from which you can benefit. Contact us without obligation!


Examples for self-service portals

Due to the individual requirements for self-service portals, the finished solutions look correspondingly different for different customers. In the following we therefore present a few handy examples:

Complete B2B self-service portal

This comprehensive project in the area of B2B trade enabled significant savings and higher customer satisfaction for the customer. Insights into invoices and delivery notes, analyses and evaluations, payment advice notes and contract management are only a small part of this system.

Customer Service Portal

For Schafferer & Co KG, a portal for the B2B wholesale sector was realized, with which customer service inquiries and consumables can be easily managed via QR code. This minimizes customer service efforts and error rates when transmitting model names, serial numbers and device locations practically reduced to zero.



Marketplace - Trader Area

To be able to offer its traders maximum transparency as Marketplace operator, purchasing cooperative, etc. you need a self-service portal whose capabilities go far beyond those of a normal "my account area". This is about statistics, analysis, purchasing behavior, end customer analysis and content maintenance.


Internal Procurement System

For an international corporation with over 500 representative stores  a central procurement system for store equipment with connections to SAP and Microsoft Dynamics was developed. over 8,000 shipping cost levels and sophisticated approval processes control the shipping of products from three central warehouses to every store worldwide.




Key Facts

Why ElasticSearch?

  •  ElasticSearch is available as OpenSource-Edition and is free of licensing fees - you only pay for the implementation.
  •  We also integrate ElasticSearch into existing third-party systems - contact us!
  •  Improve the search on your site to achieve more revenue and better conversion.
  •  ElasticSearch is not limited to product searches - it is the perfect solution for various data evaluations.

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