Wholesale case study - How customer service has been relieved

Two information procurement and control platforms were created for a client in the wholesale sector: The first portal for suppliers - the second for dealers, who in turn sell to end customers.


A competent customer service team is cost-intensive and should therefore only be used for tasks that cannot be handled automatically. Without a self-service portal, however, the opposite is true: actually available information is withheld from customers for lack of direct access and unnecessarily ties up support resources through telephone inquiries and emails to support. An appropriate system should minimize these inquiries and allow both suppliers and dealers to answer most of their questions themselves around the clock without delay.


Customer inquiries are rarely limited to "Where is my package and when can I expect it". The biggest challenge is therefore to make as much information as possible available to all customers and suppliers. Therefore it was necessary to clarify in detail:

  • which information is available in which inventory systems.
  • which factors decide which information should be accessible for suppliers and customers and which not.
  • which interfaces must be created in order to obtain data from the heterogeneous IT infrastructure that has grown over the years.
  • how this data is to be connected with each other.
  • how this data can be prepared simply and comprehensibly for the users.

The system should also be able to be offered as a white label solution by suppliers under their own name to other dealers - a corresponding multi-client capability was therefore also to be implemented.


We are as pragmatic as possible when developing self-service portals: Individual development where necessary, modular principle where possible. On the one hand, the wheel must not be reinvented, on the other hand interfaces and company-specific processes necessarily require tailor-made solutions. In this way, a comprehensive self-service area for customers and suppliers could be created in just a few months, which pays for itself in a short time.


Fast and high acceptance of the system, as well as a massive relief of the customer service speak for themselves: A solution that is worthwhile and a clear cost/benefit advantage - also compared to the competition, which more than justifies the investment.






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